Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 13

  • James Corden is doing a SNAPCHAT SHOW that is a fictional reality show with Haley Joel Osment
  • Amy Schumer won’t take her husband’s LAST NAME because she doesn’t want to be Amy Fischer (who was a woman that shot her lover’s wife in the face when she was 17 & then became a porn star)
  • People are accusing Taylor Swift of RIPPING OFF a 2016 fragrance ad….and after watching it it’s hard to deny….even a Kenzo rep RESPONDED to Taylor
  • PICS: Is Joe Jonas’ tattoo a line drawing of his fiance Sophie Turner????
  • PICS: Kim Kardashian shows off her curves on the cover of Elle….talks surrogacy, choosing to have a girl & the attention Kanye West needs
  • Kylie Jenner opens up about what PREGNANCY was like for her….what she hated the most, her cravings & which sister she told first
  • Zooey Deschanel will be BELLE in a new live “Beauty & the Beast”
  • HBO execs hint that a LOT OF PEOPLE will die in the “Game of Thrones” finale
  • So wait, Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber are TAKING A BREAK???? 
  • VIDEO: Bill Hader’s impersonations of Harry Styles & Jack Nicholson are amazing!
  • Meet the new ladies for the CHARMED REBOOT
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE charges against Heather Locklear have been dropped
  • VIDEO: Oprah makes James Corden cry instantly
  • ABC’s revival of “American Idol” has SOLID RATINGS beating out Fox
  • PICS: Justin Timberlake with his son Silas & wife Jessica Biel getting ready to embark on his tour
  • PICS: Michael Cera is wearing a wedding ring….so he got hitched at some point?
Brooke and Jubal

Brooke and Jubal

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