Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 19

  • Charlize Theron had to wake herself up at 2am to eat cold mac n cheese in order to gain 50 LBS for her new movie “Tully”
  • Kylie Jenner posts videos of baby Stormi after getting MOM-SHAMED for going to Coachella
  • Tiffany Haddish, Cardi B, Trevor Noah, Chloe Kim, Nicole Kidman, Gal Gadot, Kesha, Jennifer Lopez & more make the Time’s 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL list!
  • Blake Shelton admits he thinks about MARRYING Gwen Stefani but it won’t happen “any time soon”
  • PICS: Justin Theroux has moved on from Jennifer Aniston and has a new 26-year-old girlfriend he met at the gym
  • Olivia Culpo left a FOOD RELATED BURN on Tristan Thompson’s Insta page & people can’t get enough
  • VIDEO: Will Smith’s story about the one and only time he met Michael Jackson is soooooo good it’s a much watch
  • Prince Harry & Meghan Markle committed to LGBTQ ISSUES saying,  ‘This is a basic human rights issue, not one about sexuality.’
  • VIDEO: How Sofia Vergara tricked Julie Bowen into being a thong wearer
  • Kevin Smith has lost a lot of weight in the last 10 years & admits he’s #fitterbutbitter
  • Kate Walsh on how she stays healthy after having a BRAIN TUMOR removed 2 years ago
  • PICS: Paula Patton out and about with her still married boyfriend who know claims he’s separated
  • Jordan Peele made a video demonstrating why you can’t believe anything you see online….and it’s frightening!
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