Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - August 6

  • Celebs FLOOD Demi Lovato’s post about her struggle with ADDICTION
  • Chrissy Teigen LIVE TWEETS an earthquake in Bali while on a family vaca!
  • Cops called on Kendall Jenner after her dog BIT A CHILD!
  • The Kardashians were blowing up Twitter this weekend FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER…but it was all probably orchestrated by Kris Jenner right?
  • Adam Levine ATTACKED MTV for not nominating Childish Gambino for the VMA’s….but he was wrong because Childish Gambino was nominated 7 times so Adam APOLOGIZED for being a moron
  • Cardi B says she’s now part of the “rich people’s club” after hanging with the Kardashians
  • VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez gives Cardi B and new moms the BEST ADVICE ever….which is actually no advice at all
  • PICS: Iggy Azalea gets totally nude to support her new album
  • Charlotte Rae, Mrs. Garrett from “Facts of Life”, DIES at 92….the same weekend the “Facts of Life” REBOOT is announced with the help of Leonardo DiCaprio & Jessica Biel
  • Patrick Stewart has been cast in a new STAR TREK TV series!
  • VIDEO: Taylor Swift plays “Summer of ’69” with Bryan Adams even though the song came out 5 years before she was born!
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