Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 12

LISTEN: Matthew McConaughey is now reading BEDTIME STORIES for a living….and they are soooo calming


Kim Kardashian West is paying 5 YEARS OF RENT for a former prisoner who was denied housing even after being granted clemency!

OMG SPOILER ALERT: “The Bachelor” sen tBOTH OF THE FINAL WOMAN home last night in Part 1 of the finale & this is all too juicy!!!

Jennifer Lopez has heard the CHEATING RUMORS in the past and never let it bother her

16 COUPLES who’ve hooked up thanks to “Dancing with the Stars”….we’re pretty sure that’s a higher success rate than the dating reality shows

Captain America, Chris Evans, RANKED THE CHIPS…putting Cool Ranch Doritos 1st

Rapper “Selfmade Kash” bragged about credit card fraud….got BUSTED for credit card fraud

PICS: Rihanna gave her manager’s baby an early preview of her new music

PICS: Bradley Cooper & Freddie Prinze Jr. are apparently tight

Kendall Jenner got a new PET SNAKE

VIDEO: Jon Cryer finally admitted that Charlie Sheen was a lot to deal with on “Two and a Half Men”

“The Voice” contestant proposed on stage!

Brooke and Jubal

Brooke and Jubal

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