Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 28

Khloe Kardashian confronts Jordyn Woods in new KUWTK trailer…but viewers have little sympathy when she cries, “It just sucks that it has to be so public. I’m not just a TV show. This is my life. My family was ruined!” Rumors that the whole Tristan/Jordan affair wasFAKED FOR RATINGS


VIDEO: Nicolas Cage causes a huge scene getting a Vegas marriage license with his girlfriend & yelling ‘she is going to take all my money” and ”her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy”

Olivia Jade’s (Lori Loughlin’s daughter in middle of USC cheating scandal) trademark for her own makeup line fell through because of POOR PUNCTUATION

Wendy Williams relapsed and was hospitalized on the same day her husband & his mistress had their baby….but she said she’s feeling “WONDERFUL” and was out with her husband YESTERDAY

Cast and crew “FIERCELY DIVIDED” over whether Jussie Smollett should remain on the show

VIDEO: Justin Bieber had a run in with the cops after a really funny fashion mix up!

The Rock encourages a high school baseball team he passed on the freeway….and they ended up winning 23-1…here’s the VIDEO from inside the bus!


“Desperate Housewives” Marcia Cross is talking about her battle with ANAL CANCER and wants the stigma around it removed

Charlie Sheen is launching a line of weed vapes called “SHEENIUS”

PICS: Aaron Rodgers took Danica Patrick to Paris for her birthday

N*SYNC & Backstreet Boys THEN & NOW is crazy….one of them is 47 years old???

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