Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 3

Spider-man Tom Holland wasn’t given the full script of “Avengers: Endgame” because he has a BIG MOUTH…and tickets to the opening night of the movie are on eBay for over $1,000!

Rihanna has to pull a Fenty Beauty product because of it’s OFFENSIVE NAME

PICS: Miley Cyrus climbed into a Joshua Tree and took a picture….and people are super pissed!

Nipsey Hussle was at his store the day he was killed simply to HELP A FRIEND who was just released from prison

Ariana Grande refuses to LABEL her sexual orientation

Oooooh Meghan Markle was “MADE AWARE” that her baby shower was too much & the Royals don’t do flashy baby showers!

Helen Mirren says “I love Netflix, but F*** NETFLIX . There’s nothing like sitting in the cinema and the lights go down.”

Who’s excited about “Joker”???


Emilia Clarke told her mom how “Game of Thrones” ends & discusses how she knew she was being brain damaged when suffering from aneurysms


VIDEO: Candace Cameron & Jodie Sweetin were asked about Lori Loughlin’s college cheating scandal and they said it was “too personal” to talk about

Brooke and Jubal

Brooke and Jubal

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