Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 29

VIDEO: Kim Kardashian threw a CBD themed baby shower for baby #4…complete with a sound bath…and now fans are certain that it’s a baby boy that will be named Robert Harut! [MORE VIDEO SCROLL DOWN] (And Kim posted SNAKE THEMED JEWELRY when Taylor Swift dropped “ME!”)


“Avengers: Endgame” is breaking every BOX OFFICE RECORD…it made $1 BILLIONi n 5 days! People are posting their HEART RATE while watching the movie…and someone’s hit 180 bpm

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s baby will be an AMERICAN citizen!

PICS: Taylor Swift’s new furbaby is the cutest kitten ever!

You can win the chance to have Emilia Clarke host your “Game of Thrones” FINALE PARTY!!!

PICS: Chris Pratt says goodbye to his 700 lb boar & admits he’ll miss seeing his huge testicles the most

Johnny Depp is dating a 23 YEAR OLD Russian dancer

Paul Rudd found out he was ALLERGIC to MSG when he fainted in a Hong Kong bathroom

VIDEO: Remember the high school production of “Alien” that went viral? Sigourney Weaver surprised the cast!

VIDEO: Halle Berry broke 3 ribs filming “John Wick: Chapter 3”

Shannen Doherty has SIGNED ON for the “90210” revival

PICS: Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates his other son, Joseph Baena’s, graduation from Pepperdine University

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