Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 28

PICS: Uhhhh, did Madame Tussaud’s just troll Ariana Grande by using her old nose for her wax figure????? Even Ari responded


NBC exec’s FURIOUS over Adam Levine’s abrupt exit from “The Voice”

Just Beyonce & Kelly Rowland at Janet Jackson’s Vegas residency show


PICS: Cardi B brags that she just spent $80,000 on diamonds for baby Kulture

Olivia Jade FULLY KNEW about her parent’s USC bribes & didn’t get into any other California colleges

PICS: Justin Bieber says his new nickname for Hailey Baldwin is “Goo goo”

Meek Mill blasts Vegas hotel as being “RACIST AS HELL” after incident over the weekend

VIDEO: Harrison Ford says no one else can play Indiana Jones & then apologizes to Chris Prine….which we think he meant Chris Pratt, since that who’s rumored to reprise the role

People think Taylor Swift’s “Me!” sounds just like the “MACARENA“….warning, you won’t be able to unhear this

PICS: Jason Momoa says he was “too broke to go home” in the early years of filming GOT and posted a pic of him touring Ireland in a van

VIDEO: Chrissy Teigen has a huge, nasty bruise after she fell down her stairs

NUDE PHOTOS of Iggy Azalea leak & prompt her to delete her social media pages

VIDEO: Scott Pelley says he lost his CBS Evening News anchor job because, “I wouldn’t stop complaining to management about the hostile work environment.”

VIDEO: In not surprising news, Kelly Clarkson crushed the “National Anthem” at the Indy 500

Elton John didn’t want to tone down SEX & DRUGS in “Rocketman”

VIDEO: Jessica Simpson’s 5-year-old son looks like a golf pro in this video!

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