Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 29

VIDEO: Alex Trebek shares amazing update months after his stage 4 cancer diagnosis….“It’s kind of mind-boggling,”

PICS: Despite the news of traffic jams & deaths, Mandy Moore is at Everest base camp living her best life

Britney Spears wants everyone to know that she makes and posts her own Instagram VIDEOS


Jon Snow is NOT IN REHAB, he’s at a wellness retreat to work through some personal issues

Chris Hemsworth campaigned to keep “FAT THOR” from getting fit again

PICS: Has Selena Gomez been binging “Friends”? She’s now dressing exactly like Jennifer Aniston

Ellen DeGeneres opens up about being SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by her stepdad at age 15…on a lighter note, she shared a story about her car ROLLING DOWN THE HILL

PICS: Kristen Stewart bleached her eyebrows and it is a lewk!

Chris Kattan says Lorne Michaels pressured him into HAVING SEX with a director

Miley Cyrus says she ENJOYS TSA pat downs

Brad Pitt missed Shiloh’s 13th BIRTHDAY to hang out with friends in Venice

Watch Kanye West style David Letterman

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Brooke and Jubal

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