Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 30

Arnold Schwarzenegger

VIDEO: An Austrian singer wrote a song about Arnold Schwarzenegger & Arnold himself raps on it….it’s maybe the worst piece of music ever made. Is this a joke? Please tell us this is a joke?


VIDEO: Are Kylie Jenner’s fans finally turning on her??? One video of her promoting her new face wash has people losing it

Ed Sheeran wants to REMAKE “Lady Marmalade” with him, Bruno Mars & Justin Bieber….is there a worse idea?

Katy Perry teases new song “Never Really Over” and shows off her long, blonde locks!


Jordyn Woods just landed her first ACTING GIG & it’s actually pretty huge!

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus asked the Jonas Brothers how good it felt to take their purity rings off

Kim Kardashian’s new hair cut may inspire you to rush out & cut all yours off too!


VIDEO: Billy on the Street introduced SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Reese Witherspoon to strangers & people believed it was her

PICS: Ansel Elgort just posted 17 shirtless selfies on Instagram in a row

Khloe Kardashian texted Lamar Odom after the story he told about her ATTACKING A STRIPPER

VIDEO: Ariana Grande just developed an allergy to tomatoes in her mid twenties!

Here’s the top 30 songs to listen to to KEEP CALM

PICS: Halsey broke her toe trying to save a butterfly in the jungle…turns out it was already dead

Get ready NYC, Duchess Meghan Markle is MAKING A VISIT this summer!

VIDEO: Demi Moore hasn’t worked out in 4 years & got one of those crazy exercise mirrors to get her back into it

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