• Move over PSL….there’s a cafe serving Ryan Gosling LATTES!

Come and get your Ripple on! Try our newest ripple with Ryan Gosling 💋

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  • Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s surrogate is DUE IN JANUARY and reportedly having a GIRL….as previously reported, they PAID $113,000 for the surrogacy deal!
  • Disney is being slammed for adding a WHITE CHARACTER, Prince Anders, to their upcoming Aladdin live-action remake! Will Smith posted a SELFIE with the cast….he’s going to be our new Genie!
  • Khloe Kardashian reveals the 2 big life moments she REGRETS filming for KUWTK
  • Dave Matthews Band, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, and The Roots will all take the stage for a SPECIAL FREE CONCERT to help the victims of events in Charlottesville
  • Someone tried to send a PENIS SHAPED FLOWER bouquet to Selena Gomez
  • PICS: Ryan Phillippe broke his leg trying to stop his UTV from driving into a crowd
  • “Veep” is ENDING after season 7
  • PICS: Gigi Hadid just wore jeans with Zayn’s name on the butt
  • VIDEO: Dennis Rodman says he and Kim Jong-Un laugh, sing karaoke, ride horses, and go skiing
  • VIDEO: Cher’s son Chaz Bono is in the new “American Horror Story” and she’s SUPER PROUD
  • George Clooney & Amal will NOT be having more babies