• VIDEO: Kristen Bell parodies “Frozen” as a foul mouthed Elsa…”Elsa can suck my d****”
  • Actor Anthony Rapp says Kevin Spacey SEXUALLY HARASSED him when he was just 14 years old….Kevin Spacey did not deny it, apologized & used that moment to come out as a GAY MAN….Spacey is getting BLASTED for the timing, calling it an “ultimate betrayal” of the gay community!
  • VIDEO: Cardi B got engaged after Migos rapper Offset proposed to her on stage! And the ring is insane!!!!
  • PICS: All the sexiest & spookiest celeb Halloween costumes….plus, Kourtney Kardashian & Kim Kardashian went as Michael Jackson & Madonna….Kim also went as CHER

Academy Awards 1991

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  • PICS: Demi Lovato went as late singer Selena & it’s pretty uncanny
  • VIDEO: Andy Cohen pretends he DOESN’T KNOW who Kathy Griffin is after he takes her CNN New Year’s Eve gig….and she tells a 17 minute story about how he wanted her to do coke before she was on his show
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  • Anna Faris DELETED a chapter in her book about how her and Chris Pratt make long distance work
  • A lot of people HATED SNL’s David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special
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  • Rolling Stone just named Jay-Z’s BEST SONG EVER….”Where I’m From”….do you agree?
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  • British actor Will Poulter goes as Sid from “Toy Story” & it’s soooooo good for a GOOD REASON